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USDR is designed to help people manage their Future, recover from Debt and realize their dreams.

Our people who make it our business to be Consultative; we built a premier company by helping and keeping promises through our Customer Care Division; who bring diverse talents and experiences to all our clients.

Our success is built on a foundation of shared values -- quality service and delivery, mutual trust, integrity and expertise.

Our vision for the future is to be the customer's first and best choice in providing relief and support in matters of Debt. We will continue to be the leader in our industry and we will become a leader in the financial services arena. Our customers' Future determines our path. Our experience and dedication will guide us.

Analysis is our business discipline by diagnosing systems and

determining cost effective strategies to process challenges. Our consultants provide system development, process improvement, organizational restructure, strategic planning and policy development.

Our program can help. Click here and get on track to becoming debt free today.

For support, account changes, monitoring status, receiving help, and accessing program information and educational links, please login to the USDR Client Login.

View a breakdown of all debt relief options available and see how long it will take to pay of your debt using USDR's free Get Out of Debt Calculator.

For additional calculators, including how long to make a million, please visit our financial calulators page.
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